Choosing floorplan colors

Would it be possible to choose the colors on the interactive floorplan? For a particular job, I would like to divide half of a workshop into two seperate colors. Please correct me if I am wrong, but with the current setup, it is all mixed, or all monotone.

You can choose a different colour scheme for the iGuide Viewer and a different colour scheme for the PDF Floor Plan. There are 6 different colour scheme choices.
You can test the way the final product will look like in the Edit View in the Portal.

Thank you. Yes, I know this, but I would like to place specific colors in specific areas. That would be my feature suggestion, unless it is already possible and I am just unaware.

Thank you for your feedback!
We have not implemented an option to choose specific colours for specific rooms but I will add it to our future suggestions.

Commenting on this one instead of starting a new thread, would love to be able to select certain colours for certain rooms. The current system is good for residential but for commercial properties being able to select certain colours for certain rooms is a massive bonus & allows you to structure/present it better

I actually would like to be able to have a floorplan with no shading at all. Obviously the system is set up to apply the different colours or shades depending on the plan that has been chosen, so it should be a very simple process to not apply any shading at all. The end result would be a simple and plain all white page with black text and lines. I am also going to add this as a fresh request.