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I am looking for examples of workflows for importing iGuide files into Chief Architect. I am currently just scaling a PDF plan view and drawing over the top of it. I would like to generate plans and 3D models by importing the appropriate CAd file from iGuide directly into Chief Architect. I am looking for any advice to improve my workflow.

Hey Chad! Welcome to the iGuide side as well :slight_smile: I’ve been using iGuide for a while now.
Unfortunately, you cannot import the iGuide cloud data into Chief. Chief just doesn’t recognize the points yet. So, we cannot turn the scanner vertical and get measurements from a stair for instance. (unless you have AutoCAD or another software that does recognize the cloud points from iGuide)
You can however, get the DWG files from iGuide scans and import those into Chief and trace the walls.

This is Tim Schrock BTW

Hello Chad. Great question, and I hope the following helps. Joe Levitch from Levco Builders was inspirational in getting us to investigate how iGUIDE could work better with CA. He had been doing something similar, basically getting the PDF/DXF files from us, and redrawing all the elements in CA (hardly efficient). We were fortunate to connect with a sales/application engineer who worked with us to clarify some objects in our DWG file, and afterwards agreed to share this workflow in a webinar. I’d strongly recommend you watch the webinar below, skipping my boring part at the beginning. Hope from our drafting team, and Phillip from CA do a great job walking through the introduction of our DWG files, and moving them into CA. Yes…the DWG files are a paid add-on (can’t ignore that part), but the time savings on the back end, and how quickly you can execute the Walls to CAD function in CA make the investment worth every penny. Take a look, and let me know what you think, i’d be happy to help where I can. Enjoy! I look forward to your feedback.

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Hi Chad,

I should have included this in my last post. A great resource from our Marketing team. How to import iGUIDE DWG files into Chief Architect | iGUIDE