Change floorplan colors

Is there a way to change the color scheme of the floor plan after the tour has already been ordered? I’m 100% new to this system so I’m not sure if this is even possible. This is my first actual tour conducted.

To clarify, I think the default is blue, but if I wanted for instance gray, or another color option instead, and forget to order it with the tour, can it be easily fixed?


Assuming you mean the PDF floorplans:

  1. In the portal, click on the property.
  2. Scroll down to iGuide User Views and click edit.
  3. In General Settings click edit again.
  4. Select your choice in PDF Color Scheme.
  5. Make sure you scroll to the bottom and click save.

You can also specify your default choice by clicking on your profile/name > settings > iGuide Defaults.


That’s exactly what I needed thank you! Sorry I’m learning this iguide system one baby step at a time!

You’re welcome. You’ll get the hang of it all before long.