Challenge with alignment in STITCH

I have been having some trouble with alignment and have had to use the Align Center Lens feature in the Help/Support in Stitch

I have reviewed my tripod and the camera with each home? Any one else have this issue and how did you solve it?



What is the problem exactly? Like, you’re not sure where a specific pano is supposed to go in relation to previous panos? Or the pano measurements seem off and it doesn’t fit?
I’ve had some moments, where I incorrectly aligned a series of panos and at first they seem fine, and then I get to the current pano, and it doesn’t fit, so I go back on all the previous panos to align them properly. Could that be what you’re doing?

Dooplex, I have been an iGuide agent for 4 years and every once in a while the pano just won’t line up at all in stitch…the center pano is simply way out of alignment

There is an error that comes up that “blames” the tripod but I just can’t find the issue or what I am doing wrong or missing

Thought putting it out here might bring me some resolution. Its very infrequent but a pain in the butt when it happens


You have me beat for how long you’ve been doing this, but I’m not far behind (3 years). I’ve never experienced an error like this.

So you don’t get an error while onsite – it’s only once you load the property in Stitch?

The only thing I can think that might be happening is, if you don’t index exactly at 120 degrees, on one of the tripod index positions, you get a ghost looking image in the floor plan.
When I’ve trained people to use iGuide, I usually let them make this mistake and then let them puzzle out how to fix it (take the image over again in the correct index position)
If you have been doing this for 4 years, I can’t image that this could be the problem.

Hi Guys,

I had a couple issues with some very crazy pano outcomes, what had happened was for some reason the images in that specific folder showed up in the wrong order, could have been me but I don’t think so, (going on 5 years :wink: …) So what I did was put them in correct order and run stitch again, you may have to see what will do a better job, colour or feature align.

Did you check that all connections are tight? If it keeps happening you may have to send the camera in for recalibration. I had to do that after a fall, impact was mostly me but it was enough to through the camera off


Its not the ghost… I am with you on the training part. It has to do with my tripod but honestly I am at a loss. Its tightened, the camera is also. I double and triple check my level.

Guess its time for an upgrade for that camera or perhaps a recalibration



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