cfg file error

New user. A bit frustrated. Could not reject USB through settings as it was having connection issues. So decided to just remove USB. Did this the first time using and had no issue. Now it seems I have an issue. says…” could not stitch project, cfg could not be found” Please help.

I think I read that you can copy the CFG file from another project if that happens. Try that.

Also open a support ticket with Planitar in case that doesn’t solve the issue.

Working with support

Leroy is absolutely correct. Support had me do this to recover a job where I had the same issue.

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Also you could just turn the unit off to safely remove the usb. You can then restart it without the USB in. Once the system “sees” it you should be able to format it or pick up where you left off.

Working with support

How did it turn out?

Just seeing this….had to use a cfg file from another successful project. The one in this file must have been corrupted.

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Glad you got it sorted.

Do you know how to extract interior still images way after the USB is clear and the files are deleted? I know how to get them in Stitch when I have the data files.