Ceiling Height included on PDF for various rooms

We often get requests from agents for ceiling height to be included for various rooms - especially when the height varies on same floor. Right now, we can only show ONE height per floor and it can ONLY be shown on the report, not the PDF where the clients want it shown. Our clients are not happy. Is there any plans to change this? Seems we should be able to manually enter that per room somehow as we do with the exterior wall thickness?

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Using measure mode 2 (per room) to find ceiling height and store it in user labels on the floor plan (through iGUIDE editor on the portal) is one way to achieve that in pdf.

Hi Alex,

That is not a solution. When will Planitar include the ceiling height that we input into Stitch, onto the PDF floor plans? Ceiling height is just as important as any other measurement. We have been requesting this in the forums for a long time.