Can't see project on Mac finder to import into Stitch

My camera is on, phone is connected, but I don’t see the usb/project/pano folder in my finder on my Mac in the network to transfer the import the folder into Stitch.

Can you help me? Thank you

Turn the camera off and take the USB key out of it. Put that into the Mac and when the drive mounts use the finder to copy the folder to your Mac

Don’t forget to eject the stock and put it back in your camera or you’ll be showing up at your next shoot without it

Oh, I read it as the USB key could stay in the camera and it would show up on the finder to import into stitch. That is not correct?

The only way that could ever happen would be if the camera was on the same network, but even if it did work that way it would be about 1/10 of the transfer speed

Got it!! Thank you so much.

If you connect to the camera over WiFi from your Mac, you will see the camera’s USB drive in Finder over the network (look for planitar-ims in the sidebar), but data transfer speed over WiFi will be a lot slower than over USB when directly plugged into Mac.

Alex, I tried that initially and the USB did not show up on my Mac. There is no fix I could find to see it on the Mac. I’m on a pretty fast Mac and just wanted to try it, but it doesn’t show up for me in Finder.

You may need to enable SMB sharing in Settings/Sharing/Options on a Mac. It should work out of the box on Windows. After that, in Finder see menu Go/Network and look for planitar-ims device. Speed of Mac is not the bottleneck, but speed of the WiFi dongle in the camera is. Maximum transfer speed you can get with it would be about 3MB/sec, whereas for USB3 connection when the drive is plugged directly into your Mac you can get 50-100MB/sec.

Got that! Thank you for the explanation Alex!!