Can property Address be Hidden?

We are doing Planix tours for our builders association parade homes. Is there a way to keep the property address hidden on the tours? They do not want the property address visible. Thanks!

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Does anyone know if the property address can be hidden? I see where the map can be hidden, but I need the address to be off as well.

I haven’t tried this but would think to just not actually enter an address at all? If it’s required just enter any address, their headquarters maybe?
Like I said I’ve never tried this either. Maybe it doesn’t work that way.

You need to enter an address to create the iGuide. However after it comes back lock the default view and create a new view.
Then in the edit portion put whatever you want as a title. The URL of the new view will be wxyz1139 (as an example) instead of the address and the “address” will be whatever you want the public to see.

How is the client using the iGuides? It would help if you explain what they are trying to accomplish by not showing the property address.

Does the iGuide need to be publicly accessible and indexed by Google? Is it being embedded on their website and that’s the only place it should be visible? Something else?

These particular tours are for the virtual Parade of Homes. They have requested that no address be visible in any form since all of these homes were custom builds and will not be listed for sale for some time. The goal will be to allow each builder to self host the tour on their site to help market their business. It does not need to be searchable by Google.

Fantastic! I will give that a go!

You don’t need to enter an actual address, only the postal/zip code needs to be actual or at least the format I think. This is a builder show home I did and the address is the job number and model per the builder’s request.