Can an iGuide report be used to update county tax records in the US?

I have a client that has conflicting square footage on tax records and from the builder etc…she is wondering if the iGuide is accepted in the US to update official records and if so, what would be the process?

You can start by showing the county how the iGuide measurements are performed and the measurement standards that they conform to.

Next you can measure one or two rooms by hand and compare the accuracy of your measurement using a highly accurate laser range finder to the same measurement taken by the iGuide system they should both be accurate to within 1%.

It’s like anything else, you can use this as supporting evidence for the claim, however, it’s up to the local tax assessor (or whatever they’re called in that area) to determine whether they will make the changes.

Before you do anything, talk to your lawyer and ask them if they think this is a process you would want to get involved in. I can’t see why you would want to but that’s up to you. If you do then I’d suggest to make sure you use an appropriate disclaimer as to the accuracy of all measurements.

Just tell your client that the measurements follow ANSI guidelines and its not in your expertise on how to go about doing anything along those lines with the county tax office. I wouldn’t touch that with a 29.5 foot pole.