Camera Height Position within the same Room

I’m still waiting for my camera to arrive in Uruguay and new to all of this. I read somewhere the following:
Level the camera using the spirit level on the DSLR hot shoe mount. Level the camera at the start of each panorama and don’t change it when transitioning from the first position to any subsequent ones.

I wonder if this also refers to the camera hight in the room between different shooting points. My first house has a sunken living room and I’m not sure if it will affect the transition if part of the same room has a different room hight and if you have to adjust for example shooting in the sunken living at 5ft camera hight and the rest at 4ft camera hight!? Thanks for any advice by you pros! Maybe the same question for outside shots when you have different outdoor levels of terraces, sloping hills, etc

I suggest keeping the camera at the same height throughout the house for convenience sake. However, it may be necessary to raise and lower the camera to change what is measured and captured visually. The change in height you mentioned wouldn’t have a great affect on the transition by my reckoning.

Great Chris! Thanks for that speedy response. Hope we can start soon!