Camera App Suggestions

I had an idea while I was mapping a property.

Larger Trigger Button

Larger [+1] Buttons

[Manage Feature Option]: End of Process Beep

[Manage Feature Option]: Expert Mode (automatically creates a new pano per shoot + triggers the panoramic photos in succession)

[Survey Feature Option]: Default display of the Coverage when finished a shot.

[Survey Feature]: Dynamic HDR Control.


I managed to get a free Amazon Fire Kindle from some vacation deal. Yet another piece of electronics to keep charged; years ago I started thinking about my charging station and the countless types of batteries and device types that need to be kept alive. I started to honorably (and dishonorably) discharge electronic devices based on their net worth in my life, the Kindle Fire was up for review.

Since I already have a highly functional Samsung Galaxy Tablet to use for my mobile office and presentations (I was also using it for the IMS-5 app), I really didn’t need or want another tablet. More batteries… Selling it online would be a waste of time since you can get them new for 30$ online, a pawnshop might give me 10 for it.

It is lightweight, small enough to fit inside the IMS-5 Roadcase (my Galaxy is huge), and it has WiFi capabilities… Could I use it specifically for the iGUIDE Camera APP?

The idea that I could reassign the Survey Duty from my Galaxy to the Fire was a good idea. My Galaxy is my mobile office and presentation tool, I certainly didn’t want it getting knocked around doing iGUIDE surveys (it happens); I’d much rather keep the Galaxy Tablet shiny and strong for presentations and mobile office duty.

Well, the Fire’s WiFi and the weak Amazon Web Browser both connected to the IMS-5 just like a smartphone, only bigger! On its trial date, I used a lanyard to keep it around my neck (the same way I used my Galaxy), and it didn’t swing around as much and was much lighter, it also performed just fine. Okay then - it gets to have a purpose now. It now lives with the camera in the roadcase.

I sling the device around my neck & shoulder to keep it in position to use for iGUIDE surveys, screen facing out so all I need to do (once the project is setup) is take a peek at the screen and hit the shoot button.

I thought that the shoot button could be much larger, making it easier to just tap the corner of the screen to take a shot instead of having to tap the small button with precision. It actually adds an extra 2 seconds for every shot.

I also streamline my workflow by not using the [+1] on the main screen since the app will automatically ask me to add or replace a shot anyway. Well, that button is even smaller, so it adds another second, since I’m already looking at the screen, to add another pano. BTW, It would be great if the warning pop-up beeped to let you know something isn’t normal. If that [+1] button on the warning pop-up was as big as the new shoot button, that’d be awesome! If it positioned itself over the same location as the shoot button, that’d be amazing! I would only have to do the corner tap twice and not even have to look at the screen to do it…

Time and time again, I’m looking at the screen waiting for the Processing Images dialog to finish. There’s no beep when its done. If it would beep when its done, I wouldn’t have to stand there staring at the screen every time (looking like I don’t know my hardware), waiting for it to be ready. Itd be a nice feature, especially for instances where processing takes extra time.

I then thought of my process.

  1. Setup camera in position for a shot.
  2. Make sure the camera is in a shooting position.
  3. I make sure I’m out of the way.
  4. I hit the shoot button, then hit the [+1].
  5. I count the clicks, then rotate the camera to position #2.
  6. I then wait for the Processing to finish, and repeat 2 more times from Step 2.

Let’s say you have a tight workflow and you spend a lot of time staring at the device screen, tapping tapping and rotating gear, dancing out of the way over and over again… I’m sure you’d have it down to a science after your 3rd property.

What if there was an expert mode for those of us that move and dance like cats? A mode that takes over at Step 4.

Turn on the Expert Mode:

  1. Setup camera in position for a shot.
  2. Make sure the camera is in a shooting position.
  3. I make sure I’m out of the way.
  4. I hit the shoot button, the APP automatically creates a NEW PANO and proceeds to shoot.
  5. The camera clicks, then I rotate the camera to the next position and dance out of the way.
  6. Once the camera is ready for shot #2, the app automatically executes shot #2; I repeat Step 5 once, the app does its thing again and beeps to let me know its done the series.

It would reduce the number of times an operator would have to look at the screen and tap the shoot and [+1] buttons.

A good scan is important. It’s another slightly complicated step to review the coverage of each shot (to make sure you have solid data) when you’re done a set. It would be stellar if there was an option to display the coverage automatically on scan shots. No more revisiting a property because of "Overlapping Data " - you’ll get to see and correct it on location! Obviously for snapshots or shots without the laser wouldn’t review the coverage.

PLEASE, don’t take away the Snapshot feature!!! I use it to test my HDR settings! Speaking of that…

Setting the HDR settings would be SO MUCH EASIER if the upper right HDR Settings Readout was DYNAMIC… That is, touch it and you get a dialog that allows you to change your HDR settings. The HDR Options on the Survey Page could then be removed to add space for something else or just clean up the screen. Having to adjust the HDR in the MANAGE Page is like driving back and forth over a speed bump several times to get the right setting for a shoot.

Okay : Just some feature observations for a better, stronger future!


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Great ideas! You and I are on the same page about this.

Larger Trigger Button

Yes please.

Larger [+1] Buttons

Again, that would be very helpful, even on my iPad Mini.

[Manage Feature Option]: End of Process Beep

Many times I’ve thought that would be very handy.

[Manage Feature Option]: Expert Mode (automatically triggers
the panoramic photos in succession)

You hit the bulls eye with this suggestion. For the last couple of months I’ve been thinking how handy a mode like that would be and have intended to submit that very idea as a feature request. I find that I spent a few seconds with each rotation waiting to press the button for the next pano x every day x every week x every month. I think that an Expert Mode like you suggest would make the iGuide capture process be considerably more efficient for those of use who have been doing this for a while.


Expanding on the “end of process beep”, I’ve also noticed I’ve gauged whether or not the camera is finished taking the photos by sound (a lot of times the homeowners are present, they’re talking, or they have their kids running around) - perhaps it would be a good feature to have pano numbers displayed on the app as well - ie. 1 - 2 - 3, to show which shots have completed.

This may be further down the line in terms of development but I would like to see an automatically rotating head to work with the ‘expert mode’ as an upgrade/add-on which would really speed up the process. It could be toggled on/off as I realise it is not useable in all cases but 95% of times it would be hugely beneficial.

I very much like the roger-beep in the update, thank you!
Now that I’ve been using it, I keep wishing there was a Triple-Beep after the third shot to signal that all three shots were completed. This would help those of us that have accidentally moved the tripod before the third shot was completed, ending up having to reset for a complete re-take of a previous pano location.

The interface itself could use some tweaking to make it friendlier.

Of course adjusting the icon sizes & locations would help tremendously, as mentioned previously.

Laser-Off Alert: Could add an icon to Turn-On the Laser from the alert box, reducing the workflow by 2 clicks. 3 clicks if it turns ON the laser and takes the requested shot. Similar to the function of the +1 dialog when you try to take a shot over an existing shot.

When I have some time, I may make a mock up of what I’m thinking to show what sort of a layout I’ve thought of that would probably work well for most operators. That time isn’t now tho… lol.

Here are some suggested concepts.

One shows a different main layout with a large PHOTO button + the HDR Settings as DYNAMIC (upper right corner) that would bring up a dialog for adjusting the HDR settings.

The other shows a LASER OFF Warning that could function as the PANO OVERWRITE warning. The Overwrite warning gives the option of creating a New Pano. The LASER OFF warning can offer the option to TURN ON the laser (or not) and continue. It is also placed in a location that would be close to the PHOTO TRIGGER button to make it easier to play through the operation. Relocating the Pano Overwrite warning to be just like it will also put the +1 option over the Photo Trigger to make it easier to play through the operation. You will also notice a LASER GUIDELINE that would help operators review if they had the camera at an optimal height to perform an accurate measurement.

These are obviously tablet mockups for landscape operation. I have my tablet on a shoulder strap and it is worn with the tablet in a way that I can easily grab it and operate the app in or close to that position (upside down and facing out so when I hold it it is facing me correctly).


THANK YOU for giving the system the ability to multi-task. Being able to shoot while the system is processing has reduced my on-location time almost by 1/3! The Triple Rodger Beep (or custom tone) at the end of a 3rd Pano would still be great to prevent any workflow oopsies.

+1 for a beep at the end of the 3rd pano shot! It would add consistency to the workflow and the audible notification is great to have, especially when you are doing a pano far from the camera and can’t hear the clicking.

I’m with you on this one; especially if we can easily return to the previous pano from the Survey app as you suggested. I often spot things requiring a retake while the camera is in action, but the vast majority of the time I’d just be clicking +1 anyway… or clicking “shoot”, getting warned that I was about to over-write a pano, and then I click +1. :confused:

New APP Suggestion for Camera Settings.

Keep a Default Settings page to be able to reset the camera to defaults or change the WIFI channel, because one might need to access those if things went awry, but move the dynamics settings to a separate page that can be password protected.

Reason: It’s a security problem, specifically to my brand value. My camera settings are part of my recipe of how my iGUIDE tours look, I consider it a trade secret to the brand in the same way the settings I use to process my images are a secret recipe to maintain a consistent look for my brand. If/When another operator or assistant is using the camera, they can see my recipe and even make unauthorized changes if they wanted, which could seriously impact the project and give them the ability to duplicate my recipe should they decide to go rogue, stealing part of my brand value. If those settings were hidden and password-protected, every iGUIDE contractor that has their own brand recipe would be able to protect their recipe and settings from being used or changed by unauthorized eyes & fingers.

It would also prevent accidental changes.

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