Calibrated Ricoh Theta Z1

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I bought a calibrated planix iGuide. What’s the difference between the uncalibrated ones? can I also use the Ricoh theta z1 separately? eg for a 360 degree photo of?the inside of a car?



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I’m also curious if the calibrated Theta Z1 can be used without the Planix Core.

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Great question Airwolfmedia. I was also wondering if you were to remove it from a Pro. If you do, does it then need to be re-calibrated?

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I was told during my initial consultation with iGuide that the Theta Z1 could be used separately by just connecting to its WiFi directly, BUT if you physically separated it from the Planix system, then it would need to be recalibrated. I’m not an expert, by any means, but I did ask that specific question and that is what I was told.

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thank you for your reply.
Could you find out how to recalibrate it? Because I think it’s unnecessary to buy a 2nd Ricoh Theta.



Dimitri, here is a link from their help pages explaining how to reconnect the Theta Z:

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I believe there is a difference between calibration and alignment

From everything I have read the Calibration is done at the factory for the pro model before it is shipped out and detaching it from the base will reset the calibration which will reduce the accuracy of the room measurements.

On the store page linked below it states that the “PLANIX Pro can provide up to 3 times better accuracy when making linear measurements in 3D space using images (Modes 2 and 3) compared to uncalibrated lenses”

Based on this I would recommend not removing the camera and use another one that is dedicated to doing drone 360 video and photo shoots.

Hallo Joshua

thank you for your answer.
Not really what I wanted to hear but it’s nothing else.
Thought there must be a difference somewhere.



Even without the factory calibration the PLANIX system is still extremely accurate and iGUIDE will provide written statements regarding their measurements if you are ever in a legal dispute over the stated accuracy of the measurements taken by the PLANIX system.

that said going from a 1 or 1.5% accuracy down to 0.5% accuracy with the Pro Calibration won’t really matter much for most clients because even at 1% we are only talking about a difference of + or - 25 square feet on a 2,500 square foot building.

The help article here goes over it in more detail.


Installation guide / handbook of Planix says:

„● PLANIX Pro lens calibration data is tied to the 360° camera serial number and is stored on PLANIX, not
on the 360° camera“

Sounds like the Z1 is always in same condition, no matter if Planix or Planix pro is ordered.
So I conclude, that if Z1 is removed from Planix, it works just like any other Z1 (for example in combination with Matterport).

When reinstalled to Planix, alignment must be redone.
But this seems not to be Planix Pro specific and has nothing to do with Calibration of Pro models.

Source: Google for manual of Planix