Bulk upload for replacement spheres

A feature I would like to see is the option to upload several replacement spheres at once instead of having to do them one at a time. Adjusting panos before uploading a stitch file means you have to delay the iGUIDE creation process until you have made any adjustments to the panos. I upload the panos right away so I can get the floor plan back as quickly as possible for several reasons not the least is to have some time to fix any scan problem that may delay the drafting process.

I don’t use Stitch to correct colour issues or exposure problems. Photoshop and other similar programs do a much better job for adjustments, even though you have to work with JPG files. The ability to work with layers and isolate problems can’t be done in Stitch so I use Photoshop. Replacing panos one at a time is slow, the color and exposure adjustments can be done quickly but uploading a replacement pano takes much longer than the adjustment process itself. Being able to do all the corrections then simply upload all the replacement spheres at once would be a big time saver.


Agreed 100 %.

I don’t often replace panos, but I third this request. For the times that I do, a bulk upload option is important.

Agreed also…

please add thisssss