Branded and password protected Virtual Showing

I was wandering why is the virtual showing unbranded and why anyone can share and use it?
I mean, another realtor can use it and there is no reference to who payed the iGUIDE and no reference to the operator, even if is not I unbranded link?
In my market unfortunately real estate agents are stealing photos from the web, I am sure they will use a free virtual tour payed from another agent. How can we prevent that?

Because whoever paid for the iGuide is the seller or their agent and they actually WANT other agents to use it to help promote / sell the property. Typically other agents will call the one who listed it and ask if they can use it out of professional courtesy. That’s why they usually don’t want it branded.

You as the photographer own the rights unless you released or assigned them to the original purchaser for a period of time defined on the invoice. This is actually a good opportunity for enhancing the return on a sale, at least in the US. If you do not specify at the time of the estimate and invoicing process it gets much murkier.

not aplicable for my market. (EU/Italy) Nobody here wants someone else using a feature they payed for. No MLS here. No Seller Agent and no Buyer Agent. No agent want other agents to use the link.
Can I hide this somehow?

My 2 cents and this is all new to me! I would not include the seller info in the email that is originally sent to you and the seller. Maybe create another email and just copy and paste the links you want the seller to have and not include the none branded link.

In the Options for each iGuide there’s a check box for “Force branded iGUIDE only”. Would that help?

I don’t think so.
Force branded iGUIDE only means: “The unbranded link available in the iGUIDE Report will be disabled.”

Steps to create a virtual showing

  1. Enter the iGUIDE URL for the property you would like to show.
  2. Click the Create Virtual Showing button. You will be taken to the virtual showing.
  3. Click the Share button in the newly created iGUIDE Virtual Showing.
  4. Copy and paste the URL in an email or chat and send to anyone you would like to view the showing. Remember that you can send the link to as many people as you like.


Even if you have enabled the “Force branded iGUIDE only” the virtual showing has no branding at all.
I can understand that unbranded iGUIDES are requested for some reason, but I do know that password protected and branded virtual showing should be an option too.

Example. Art Gallery/Museum/Cathedrals etc could organize guided virtual showings with online groups. But if anyone can use their virtual tour to do a virtual showing without having their permission, without having the title to explain the artworks… this is a problem. Museums and Art Galleries have experts and qualified guides that can explain… this could be a new application for a Virtual showing. Besides Real Estate Market.

Ah. Sorry, I missed the Virtual Showing part. It’s been a busy week. I should not answer posts when my brain isn’t fully functioning.

I agree with your points about this. Let’s hope this is addressed.

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There is a “branded” virtual tour and an “unbranded” virtual tour. The “branded” virtual tour is for showing the VT on websites and on social media and anywhere online except the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The “unbranded” virtual tour is for real estate agents to show on the MLS as the MLSs do not permit brokerages and/or their agents to “advertise” in the listing photos, listing videos, and in the VTs.

I was talking about the Virtual Showing not the Virtual Tour.