Billing client with wrong SF measurements

Hi everyone,
I am new to iGuide. and i have a question:
i had a job 2 days ago, the realtor told me the property is 3900 SF and i billed him for 3900 SF.
a day after when i got a floorplan and measurement from iguide, I realized the total living area is about 4800 SF and i dont know what should i do? it is unprofessional to call back and ask him to pay extra. i am just wondering is any other way to find out correct total SF of the house before billing the clients?
i didn’t get any bill from Iguide yet but the question is are they going to charge me by Total Exterior Area Above Grade? or…
Thank you

Thank you Alex,
I am just wondering if anyone had same issue?

I’ve had this a few times. When you’ve accurately communicated ahead of time what your pricing is based on, you’ve got every right to charge more In the end. Most agents are pretty close on sq footage because they’ve likely done a CMA using info from the regional assessment board. They’re happy to know when they can advertise more square footage! But you’ve got to know that attached garages are drawn without cost and detached garages and shops are charged. The key question for clients is, “what floor areas and measurements do you need to report in order to properly market this property?” Mostly they’re open to paying a few dollars more to have a detached shop or garage included in the drawings.


Thank you Tod

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You don’t have to wait for your bill to see what a shoot will cost you in drafting fees. Go to iGuide > Package & Add-ons > Billable Area.

I make sure that clients know that they’ll be billed for the actual measured square footage and give them a price range based on square footage. I only charge them once I know that measured square footage. I haven’t heard any complaints about that.