Big Shout Out and Thanks to the iGuide Drafters

As some know, our company handles insurance claims for High Net-Worth Properties and Commercial Properties. Last Sunday, Hurricane Ida tore through Louisiana and right through us leaving many places with significant damage. Unfortunately, our HQ was right in its path but all is fine here and we are busy as can be. However, that put us in a position to work from our hometown, and, despite its challenges (some of us still don’t have power) we’ve made it work. Over a million were without power to start and we’re down to only 602K left w/o power :slight_smile:

With that said, our adjusters are out in the field every day taking iGuide scans of properties and we are submitting them at a rapid pace. Every single iGuide we’ve submitted so far has either come back the same day or early the next morning! This is phenomenal turnaround.
Much kudos to the iGuide drafters and team! This quick turnaround is greatly appreciated and it helps us provide full 360 walkthroughs of damaged properties to the insurance companies so they can make quick decision to help their clients.



Hope you’re all staying safe.

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