Best practices for setting intitial views on each pano?

What are your thoughts on creating initial views on each pano? What are the best practices? It’s obvious to use the best angle from the shot, though in terms of flow, is there a preference?

It comes into play when the viewer clicks on one specific dot on the navigation floor-plan. If they’re clicking on the living room, they likely want to see the living room, not the adjacent room, so point it at the most prominent part within the room at that location.


What Todd said.

While onsite, I point the camera in the direction I think is most pleasing and informative. That sets the initial view for each pano so I don’t have to do it later. Make it part of your workflow so you don’t have to think about it.


I avoid large sunny windows for the first shot since it tends to underexpose the other two shots.This is based on IMS-5 experience. Not sure if the same is true for Planix.

I’ve always set the front door scan as the initial pano.

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For an initial pano, I pick whatever is most impressive or attractive in the living room or kitchen or dining room.

But the question here is about initial views for each pano, rather than the opening pano.

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