Best alternative to Canon battery for IMS-5?

Has anyone had good results using 3rd party batteries for the Canon DSLR built into the IMS-5? If so which particular brand/model.
Many thanks in advance

I purchased a second Canon Battery. At the end of the day, the fresh battery is exchanged and that day’s battery is charged at the same time the iGUIDE is charged. I have several Canon bodies I use daily and have discovered that the “3rd party” batteries typically aren’t as good as Canon’s. Just my experience.

Over the years I’ve had issues with third-party batteries (poor longevity, spotty compatibility with camera level readings, etc.)

I learned to spent a few more dollars and buy OEM batteries instead. In the big picture, it’s a minimal expense that’s worth the peace of mind.

I agree. Third party batteries are not worth it.

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The $20 or so savings isn’t worth it. 3rd party packs are not going to last as long per charge and overall life time is shorter. We’re spending thousands on equipment, but why save $20 now?

Thank you for all your responses. The consensus is clear but I wanted to double check in case someone had found a good alternative. Thanks