Before you purchase a used camera

We’re thrilled to have you join the iGUIDE Family!

Before purchasing a used camera system, prospective buyers must follow the instructions below to ensure the system they are interested in purchasing is eligible to submit project data on the iGUIDE Portal (compulsory for data processing), and that it is not blacklisted. Failure to do so may result in the inability to utilize the iGUIDE System. To do this:

  1. Request the prospective used system’s serial number from the seller, along with their iGUIDE portal ( email address.
  • We do not recommend purchasing the used system if the seller refuses to provide you with the camera serial number (begins with MS for IMS5 and MX for PLANIX) and their portal e-mail address.
  1. Once the serial number & email address have been collected, check our Camera Blacklist.

  2. To ensure there are no issues, provide the seller’s email address and system serial number to our Product Support team by opening a ticket: Create Ticket
    Note: You will need to create an account on our ticket system. For continuity, please ensure you use the same email across all iGUIDE correspondence.

  • Within the ticket, advise us that you intend to buy a Used Camera System and include:
  1. The system serial number

  2. The original owner’s email address,

  3. Your contact information and business name.

  4. Once support has confirmed that the iGUIDE Camera System is not on the blacklist and the previous owner’s account is in good standing, fill out the
    Used iGUIDE Camera Usage Agreement form

  • Submit the form and inform support on your original ticket when this has been completed.
  1. Please allow for a period of 2 to 5 business days for our Support Team to verify the details of your purchase and ensure that the system can be transferred to you.
    Once this process is completed, we will send you an invitation to the iGUIDE Portal using the email address provided on the Agreement Form.

Already Purchased an iGUIDE Camera System?
Please fill out the Used iGUIDE Camera Usage Agreement form and open a Support Ticket. Inform our team that you have purchased a used system and completed the Used Camera Agreement Form. We’ll ensure the system is cleared to transfer to you and advise accordingly.

Please note: We do not offer warranties or guarantees on used camera systems.