Batteries for Planix

This is not quite a feature suggestion, but a product support suggestion.
…I am trying to buy a new battery for my planix…i need it fast… .
Planitar do not stock these, i get forwarded to a US distributor called Sager…
Let me tell ya, it not good.

It all comes from a central warehouse in US, Sager is an electronics distributor that has a vocation for OEM’s…not a small guy

First you place the order and they can’t tell you the shipping price
Second you need to send them an email/Questionnaire certifying the country in which you live in… They will only release an order once a sales rep reviews the letter…Whoa! how long does one think that takes!

Would be great if Planitar could open up a small store so that they can quickly support the customers


Mine only took five days from order to delivery to my doorstep. I live in the US. I ordered on the web and never talked to a person. The shipping was calculated at the point of sale. It took longer to get the 360-degree light but well worth the wait!

I don’t have the need for a spare battery at this point, but I have concerns for when I do.

This is Planitar’s issue to resolve.

Perhaps I don’t understand the manufacture process of the IMS6 but it would seem to me that they buy these in bulk for that purpose.

There is no reason I can think of, that prevents them from selling spare batteries from that inventory for their operator base.

Camera manufacturers sell their own spare batteries. They don’t send you to some obscure offshore third party and wish you luck!

If they can ship the manufactured units from Canada to anywhere, why is this not true of the batteries?

What’s the deal Planitar?

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There is no reason I can think of, that prevents them from selling spare batteries from that inventory for their operator base.

Agreed that it seems crucial for Planitar to offer replacement batteries directly – especially in Canada since the supplier is in the US. If a battery fails during busy season the impact of potentially waiting a few days for a replacement could be significant.

That said, I like to have redundancy for all of my gear in case of anything going awry. For a spare Planix battery, the $118 US cost is a small price for peace of mind.

If anyone needs the link: Recommended iGUIDE PLANIX accessories leads to

Have you purchased one of these batteries from this link? Was this an easy transaction?

I also like to have backups of critical items, but have yet to invest in a battery for the Planix.

I haven’t yet because I have two Planix cameras, so I already have a second battery. But as soon as the second Planix is in use, I’ll buy a third battery as a spare.

Good morning everyone,

We’ve seen your concerns, so I’ll take this opportunity to clarify a few things. Planitar does sell spare PLANIX batteries, but they are only shipped with a PLANIX camera system, not separately/individually.

About the batteries: Lithium batteries are regulated as a hazardous material under the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR; 49 C.F.R., Parts 171-Transporting Lithium Batteries | PHMSA). In Canada, the shipping and importing of lithium batteries is subject to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992 (TDG Act) and its regulations (

About our partner, Sager: For individual battery shipments, our partner, Sager, has the required regulatory, packaging, and shipping clearances needed to get your spare battery to you safely. For Canadian customers, we recommend you reach out to the international department of Sager (

If you are ordering a new PLANIX, or your PLANIX has come in for repair, you would be able to purchase one or more spare batteries from Planitar as they can be sent with the system in these cases. But, for the reasons above, spare batteries alone currently can’t be easily shipped from our facility.

I hope this helps. Wishing you all a great start to your week!


Thanks Evan.

It would be helpful for the “recommended accessories” page on your website to be updated to also show the link/contact to Sager’s Canadian subsidiary.

Update. My battery order from Sager took approx 1 week to get to Canada. Shipping price, a Whopping $74 ( includes $32 broker fee) by fedex ground.
Planitar, you should keep a few in stock, please.

Having to wait a week is not a viable option for anyone who’s busy shooting every day. That would mean business grinds to a halt in the meantime. And the shipping/brokerage cost wouldn’t be out of line if it was delivered overnight, but waiting a week is a showstopper.

Planitar, you should keep a few in stock, please.

That would be a very good idea. It would allow iGuide operators to sleep better at night.

I totally agree. These batteries die without warning…We need replacement rapidly
Planitar should be selling the Planix and all the supporting materials

@Evan, can this be re-considered?

I use Planix for insurance inspections and it is a major part of my inspection. I would NEVER be without a spare battery. I carry battery banks for my iPad and iPhone and 360° light. I feel I have the responsibility to be prepared.

Your right!
This post is about the responsibility to support

feel I have the responsibility to be prepared.

100%. When I first started doing other types of photography, I didn’t take on projects until I had backups of every piece of camera gear – bodies, flashes, lenses, etc. Redundancy was drilled into me from my IT days. For iGuides, I have two Planix cameras and two IMS-5 cameras, so I have redundancy.

But things can go awry, and knowing that a key vendor (i.e. Planitar) has customers’ backs is important.