Batch Replace All Scans

We’ve had it where we would process an iGuide with normal h1 photos, then we get them edited, leaving us with the only option to replace the original h1 photos to the edited is using the replace pano function in the edit panel which takes FOREVER.

Now, our process is we send out all of our h1 photos to get edited then when they come back edited, we process the iGuide in stitch with the edited photos, then send out to iGuide… which makes iGuide return time no less than 2 days.

It would be great if we could batch replace all scans, so while our h1 photos are getting edited, our iGuide is being processed, then we can continue with our 24h return time on our iGuides…

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This would be very useful, especially if the batch access was powerful using a protocol like FTP. It’s old and out of favor but would allow for drive mapping so that updating panos is as simple as overwriting files.

I am curious, when you say that you send out your h1 photos to be edited AND then run through stitch, why? What is the difference?

We edit them on lightroom/photoshop, then run through stitch and make sure scans line up and stuff.

I’m realizing the only way to get your scans batch replaced is to have iGuide do it… but the prices are insane.

First 10 scans replaced is $20 CAD the rest is $1 per scan… that’s sort of outrageous.

I’m shooting a house and we have 55 scans, we take our scans and edit them but they aren’t done for nearly 2 days. We want the iGuide to be processed now to work with the floor plans and square footage and replace the scans later with the edited ones… but it would cost us $65 to REPLACE SCANS! I don’t know… for me that seems like a huge money grab, or maybe I’m just missing something and replacing scans is a super hard job, but to me it seems way too expensive.

Yes… I could replace the scans one by one myself for free within the 14 day window… but for 55 scans that would take me easily 30+ minutes, its worth it to do it myself and save $65 but man it just seems a little unfair.

Let me know your thoughts! Let me know if I’m totally overreacting and missing something here but to me it seems like a money grab