Basement Ceiling Height

A couple of years ago iGuide tried reporting ceiling heights as part of every package. With vaulted ceilings, etc. it wasn’t working perfectly and they scrapped it.

Recently the MLS platform in my area started requiring ceiling height be included for below grade floors (basements).

Is it possible for iGuide to start reporting this again, but only for below grade? Or, maybe enable the enhanced measurement for every iGuide package so we can at least measure it ourselves?


As we are measuring the wall thickness, I think it would be good to have the option of adding ceiling heights for all floors manually so they can be included in reporting. The new MLS Matrix is requesting ceiling heights for basements, and we’re earning business because REALTOR’s are choosing iGuide so they don’t have to do measurements themselves.

We would like to understand the scope of this new requirement to help us prioritize development.

  1. Do you have an option to report ceiling height in your local MLS?
  2. Is its optional or required?
  3. What is your local MLS system (Matrix, Paragon, FlexMLS, ets)?
  4. Your location (city, state/province).
  5. What other measurements are required by your MLS (room dimensions, square footage, etc)?

Please post your replies in this thread.

With the new Matrix system here on Vancouver Island I was told by one realtor that basement ceiling heights were required info. We have a lot of “basement entry” homes here.

Further, our iGUIDE floorplan was compared to a Proper Measure floorplan done on the same unit 3 years ago. One difference that stood-out is that the latter reported ceiling height and total square footage at the top of the page. Knowing sometimes there are multiple ceiling heights, I’d like the option of displaying “main ceiling height” when feasible and hopefully soon using tagging to indicate height of vaults. There could be a vertical arrow icon which reveals ceiling heights in a vaulted room. I paid for a premium iGuide on the most recent property, so the ability to measure ceiling height is there — maybe it gets added to premium iGuides?

Thanks for adding ceiling height measurement to Stitch. That is a great way to offer it without pushing it onto every iGuide.

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