Banners sorted by brokerage

Here is another request (plea??) to implement a hierarchical system to organize banners by brokerage, please.
I now have front desk staff from different offices asking me to change things for their own needs for their specific teams. If the banners were sorted under categories or brokerages I could change it once instead of having to sift through so.many.banners.
Things needed:
logo by brokerage
front desk email address(es) to receive iguide report, but not analytics
auto assign editor

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The iGUIDE Portal was designed around the idea that agents will have their own accounts on the portal and will manage their own banners. Larger teams with front desk staff are perfectly fit to do that. Once they do that, you can delete their banner from your account.

The agents (largely) don’t want to run their own banners, and won’t have their admin do it either. Office admin don’t work for the agents are the brokerage won’t add it to their work-load.

The vast majority can’t even manage to click the “sold” button on the analytics email.

It would be really, really helpful to be able to sort iguides by agent, and banners by brokerage.

Also the dedicated editors, and various subscriber levels separating reports and analytics per banner would be lovely.

Instead of telling us and our clients why we shouldn’t request a feature can you please look into making the back end system parts of more user-friendly?

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Improvements to handling banners and associating report emails and iGuide settings with banners are planned. We also plan to add an option that will allow converting a banner from an operator account to a new portal account (agent account) and inviting the agent to activate the account. Until that happens, we recommend to encourage agents to create their own account even for seamless operation of the Sold button.

The issues isn’t with the accounts. We have maybe 3 agents of 100+ who have made their own account. They don’t want another thing to have an account for.

We need to be able to run things from the back end. Can anything be done quickly to make this easier?

You idea for how the banner and account system should work is good Alex, but in practice it just doesn’t happen that way.
Even if they were using their accounts, we still have to remember to manually add them as editors upon iGuide creation instead of having the banner system do that for us automatically. Those of us employing other photographers now have to give special instruction to our team members to remember to add person XYZ for client ABC when they make the iGuides. It’s just not efficient so we don’t do it.
Can you give us an ETA on when the planned improvements will be implemented?

The best I can say is in few months which does not amount to much. The plan is to store iGuide settings, editors and subscribers info together with a banner, so that selecting a banner will autofill those pieces. I believe, Doug, that was your suggestion from long time ago, but we just have not had a chance to get to it yet.

This Feature Suggestions category is meant to capture and record users input, so that it can be considered for inclusion on the future roadmap. We encourage people to post their ideas and pain points here and discuss them, however, there should be no expectations of Planitar comments or promises when something will be released as the current hardware revision of our crystal ball doesn’t work all that well yet.

The plan is to store iGuide settings, editors and subscribers info together with a banner, so that selecting a banner will autofill those pieces.

Yes, please. That would make life much easier, rather than remembering which clients want additional email addresses CCd.