Avoiding Blur 15+ feet from camera

new user - hello - fist scan and panos went well but does anyone have any tips to reduce blurr besides the obvious?
Using a Manfrotto 190 tripod with d-lev.

Just not so impressed with the clarity - sharpness 15-20+ away from camera…

even the planitar sample seems to have this blur…https://youriguide.com/sample_way_waterloo_on

Is it normal?


Great question and I’ve noticed this with all my iGuides too. I feel like the lens is slightly front-focused, resulting in increased sharpness closer to the camera and some soft blur further away.
I also feel like an f8 lens would resolve this, instead of the f5.6 lenses we use.
Comments from the tech team?

The 5.6 looks to be the max available in a ultra wide angle -