Autoplay Soundtrack

I’ve had several questions/ requests/ suggestions on the same topic: Autoplay.

Q1. "Can we pick/ change the music?"

A. NO. (sadly) The one included is good, it just gets “loopy” and gets old after viewing several tours.

An easy solution would be to add an input line in the Advanced Settings (Create iGUIDE page) to a soundtrack of choice. (or something like that maybe a library provided by iGUIDE)

Q2. “Can I adjust the speed of the playback?” (NOT related to soundtrack, but always asked in the same meeting)

A. NO. (sadly) It takes about a minute per pano. If you have a space with more than 5 panos (which is almost ALL iGUIDEs) - you’ve lost that lovin feeling at pano #4.

A great suggestion would be for a slider to appear when the autoplay is activated to adjust the speed 10 to 30% +/-.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day.