I created a ticket today with this issue to see if Planitar will take this in consideration. I’m sharing it with the community to find other comments or support about it.

If the intention to generate Autocad drawings is to help the architects/engineers to get faster drawings, this effort has to be carefully revised.
Prior to the autocad files availability, you provided DXF files that can be exported to Autocad, adjusted by layers and use the plans as a starting point for create your floor plans. That was part of the premium cost. No problem with that.
Now there’s a charge of $0.02 US dollars per SF to provide pretty much the same drawing as the DXF but now with AIA layers and blocks, but the data is not adjusted, so some walls in the same axis aren’t aligned if they are intersected with a perpendicular wall. Same problem as the DXF files. Also, the wall lines who defines the hatching should be (if possible) a polyline. Stair stringers shouldn’t be drafted inside the walls, ect…
I understand that the drafting team uses the data from our survey, and they do not manipulate this data, they draft it as is… but the stitch program is not perfect and this generates (when you look closely) misaligned walls … This needs to be adjusted in autocad to be useful.
In other words, the AutoCAD files is a progress in their services, but they are charging extra for something that is not extra especial. I suggest to drop the price or enhance the cad product with alignments and polylines. This might take extra time, but that’s what we are paying for. The time is not the issue, the precision is what’s important in Cad Plans.



I agree completely. I have three brothers who are all engineers, all doing diverse types of work, one with a large international architectural firm. They all looked at what iGUIDE was offering recently. Each of them said that until the result could be more precise as a starting point, it wasn’t worth the extra effort to adjust everything before you could get to work. Offering genuinely useful drawings could be a considerable potential field for operators and iGUIDE. I believe it would be well worth the effort for the company to develop this properly.