Auto verticals and manual correction of verticals in Stitch

Is it just me or does the auto vertical correction in Stitch not work as well with the Planix as it did with the IMS-5 images? Maybe without the levelling bubble on top of the camera I’m not getting my Planix as straight vertically as I did with the IMS-5.

Even when I try to manually adjust the verticals it’s not easy to get them perfect. Auto vertical often doesn’t work well. It would be great if Planitar could have some vertical lines overlayed on the image when adjusting the verticals in Stitch. I can’t imagine making those adjustments in LR without the overlayed vertical and horizontal lines. I don’t seem to be able to pull it off in Stitch with no overlay.

ps - I do use the bubble on my tripod, but it’s not great because the camera partially blocks my view of it.

If you have Photoshop you could create an overlay layer with grid lines and use Camera RAW to adjust the vertical then delete the layer and save the file back out with he correction.Or you could adjust them in LR. I don’t use Stitch for anything other than aligning the scans and exporting the tar file. I find Stitch is pretty limited as far as what you can do for anything other than the most basic adjustments.