Auto populating measurement data onto

I had a meeting with the local real estate board last week and they asked me if the measurement data that is generated by our system (I use Planix) can somehow be auto populated for listings when they do the data entry. This would be a plus as it would save the real estate board some time and eliminate human error if the measurement data could be transferred from iGuide to the board’s input screen. If this doesn’t exist yet, would be a great tool to set iGuide apart from Matterport!

This is a great idea, also they download the images and if we could include that in the data for them to upload the time it would save at their end would be a huge asset. Great submission!

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Planitar has been working as part of RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization) on the MLS Lightweight Autofill API standard for this exact purpose - an agent pastes an autofill URL into an MLS listing form and the form automatically grabs all the data the URL provides - room measurements, pictures, 3D tours urls, PDF floor plans, square footage, etc. This API is meant to support any 3rd party data vendor who can make their data available in a standardized machine-readable format - iGUIDE operators, photographers using other systems or providing pictures only, home energy score providers, etc. iGUIDE already makes that data available in such a way - RESO-compliant API | iGUIDE Docs, but no MLS software supports that yet.

The new standard proposal has been mostly approved by RESO (minor data format details are still being worked on) and now needs to be supported by MLS software (in Canada mostly Matrix by Corelogic and Paragon by Black Knight). That requires development time on the part of MLS software vendors and they do not see a quick way to monetize that effort. To accelerate the adoption, agents need to be requesting the Autofill API support from their real estate boards which, in turn, would be demanding such support from the MLS software vendors.

Thanks Alex! I have sent this to the local board and they will be requesting such support from the MLS software vendor.