Autel Pano's & Smart Controller

Looking for information from people who have: Autel drone AND iGUIDE AND using the Smart controller. I know, probably only a few unicorns out there. I’m trying to create a 360 pano for iGUIDE using the Autel. The jpegs I get from my SD card are 3:1 ratio. iGUIDE requires 2:1 ratio. Apparently there’s a 2:1 jpeg somewhere in the system but I’m damned if I can find it. Hello? Unicorns?

I have no idea what you are talking about but can’t you just crop as necessary in LR or PS before bringing them in?

DJI drones don’t have a 2:1 setting either. I stitched the pano shots into a photosphere and uploaded and I didn’t have a problem. I believe the 2:1 setting is in the stitching software you use, such as PTGui.

Can’t crop a 3:1 ratio and keep all the info…you will lose what you crop, so instead of a 360 sphere will end up with around a 3/4 sphere, if that makes sense. We need to squeeze the 3:1 into a 2:1. The Mavic 2 spits out a 2:1 ratio by default. The Autel spits out a 3:1 by default…and we can’t seem to find a way to adjust how the Autel spits :wink:

Edited Correction: the Evo Lite Plus stores a finished 360 pano at 2:1 ratio on my phone. Tacey uses a smart controller and doesn’t seem to be getting a 2:1 ready to go pano, she has to stitch in PS or LR and gets a 3:1 ratio for some reason…could be Seattle weather? :thinking:

The Evo Lite Plus does something interesting, when I point it at the home to start the pano, instead of spitting out the 2:1 pano with the home centered, it centers what was behind the drone and the home falls on the extreme right/left edges, hard to put a marker to show the home, so I face the butt at the home and start the pano, owners don’t mind :joy: