Assistance with lighting for Planix Pro

I use the Planix Pro to do 360 scans of fire scenes in varying types of buildings. More often then not, its very dark and the windows are boarded up. To remediate this problem, Ive been using a [](https://Dewalt Light) that works fairly well. Ill put it under the tripod, but it tends to make the ceiling very bright and the lower level or floor dark. Additionally, if there is debris on the ground, that will cast big shadows. Sometimes I can hang a light from the ceiling, but there could also be no roof or place to hang a light.

I was curious if there is a way to attach a light to the neck of the tripod just under the camera. the will cast light 360 and help spread it evenly.


I’ve attached to LED light panels with s-hooks under the Planix and it works extremely well.


That’s clever.

Except the Sakic jersey. Cheers from Edmonton. :grin:

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That’s clever! Would that work well in a dark burnt out room?
What lights are those? How long do they last on a charge?

I like this very much! LED does change the game concerning tools available. No gels needed, just dial in the apx color temp needed, and be 1/2 to 1 stop below the key f-stop… and many times you can have a light affect that is unmatched.

Congrats on applying LED into VR360 - guess you don’t need a sandbag on that tripod… very positive idea.

im by no means a photography guy, but do I need to set the F-Stop? I was just gonna leave it turned on and take the scans.