Arragement of photos in iGuide

Hey guys! Does anybody else have issues when arranging photos once uploaded into the iGuide? It seems the best way to arrange them is to upload the photos you would like to be seen first. I have OCD and like to arrange the photos from front exterior>inside> back exterior etc. Seems like anytime I do not follow this operation and upload the lot fo the photos and then try going into the default view user gallery and arrange them, it doesn’t seem to work out as I’d like nor keep the arrangement I have sorted them in. User error ? Or is anyone else seem to hate this tedious task of sorting…

In the gallery I always add the exteriors first then add the interiors. Usually I have one or two I have to resize as have to put them in again and then move them in the edit mode.

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Are you re-naming the photos into numeric order before uploading?

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No, I haven’t tried that. Does it upload photos in alphabetical or numerical order?

Yeah same here. The originals are always too big and I have to insert the lower quality photos.

It sounds like some of you are doing this the hard way.

I learned to do the ordering of photos (front exterior > interior > back exterior > neighborhood) in Lightroom and ensure the exported images are named in that order so a simple drag and drop to the iGuide portal maintains the order. It’s fast and simple doing it that way.


It uploads in the order you upload them in.


From your property:

iGuide Details
Edit Default View
(In the Gallery Section) > Edit
Click and drag photos where you want


I’ve always done it that way as that was what you had to do before – someone else on here said it uploads in the order you upload them in, so perhaps it has changed since the old days – in any event it does work if you upload in numerical order.

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Sorting locally on your computer – rather than in any web gallery system – is much faster. It takes me a few seconds to do that in Lightroom, I export shoots in that order, which the iGuide portal respects.

I’d lose my mind if I went back to sorting online.

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Can’t believe I didn’t think of this. Will try this today.