Any way to have more customization on who receives weekly analytics?

It woiuld be helpful if there were a way to pick individual editors to receive the weekly analytics emails. I make myself an editor on all iGuides we do. If the customer has someone they can designate to manage their iGuides, I make that person an editor as well. Problem is, when selecting who receives the weekly email, it allows you to select all editors or none. Would be nice if I could NOT have me receive a gazillion emails each week. Would like to be able to select which editors receive the emails so I can exclude myself.

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Hi Rick,

Currently there is no way to select specific editors, however there is a manual work around.

In step 5 of the create iGuide process un-select all recipients of the iGuide Analytics and enter in the specific email address of the person who would like to receive it in the additional people to notify section.

You may also manage iGuide Analytic subscriptions in another window, see screenshot below.

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I’ve made this comment before but here is a good time to make it again:
selecting the client banner should pre-load who the recipients are of the various emails, and who is an editor based on inputs from when the banner is created (or edited).
Clients like their front desk staff to receive the iGuide report. Front desk staff does not like to receive the weekly analytics.
It is frustrating for me to have to repetitively make these selections and deselections every. single. time. I create an iGuide. I often forget or don’t do it because I am rushed.
Please fix!

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The earlier discussion was on storing iGuide launch options with banner, but we can also add email addresses to stored info as well, it is a great idea.

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Thanks, this isn’t very apparent you can do this.

Is there any way to globally change the tours we’ve already done by any chance? :sunglasses: