Any tips for breaking into a Hot Market?

Right now in my area, there is a very serious shortage of residential real estate inventory. Houses get offers above asking price the day they are listed. Realtors are using crappy cell phone pics because it doesn’t matter right now. They are very busy in this sellers’ market and they wouldn’t wait for decent pics or any other marketing material and they don’t feel they need to pay for them anyway.

Sooo, any suggestions besides ride it out for the next 12 to 18 months? Should I just focus on commercial for the time being?

Go commercial. Find local developers with lease churn and tailor your pitch accordingly.

I have an interest in switching my focus to commercial as well. Any more specific tips about how to find and market to said developers? I ahve extensive training and anecdotal experiences from others about marketing to residentail realtors, but the commercial space is starting from scratch for me, and I could use some pointers (articles, courses, and any other tips and tricks)

I agree with Brian, go commercial until the hot residential market cools down. I am in the same boat in my area. I’d advise approaching the property management company/leasing company as opposed to the individual businesses that are tenants. Demonstrate the long term value iGUIDEs can bring in terms of their marketing + leasing efforts when it comes time to attracting new long term tenants.

Mike same issue here, zero inventory but least most realtors are still using us for professional photos.

My answer to realtors who say this. When people look at your past listings months/years down the road and they have garbage photos, no floorplans, and no virtual tour, are they really going to jump on hiring you as their agent? I see a realtors listings as part of their portfolio, if they are willing to put in minimal effort in a hot market why would they put in any extra effort in a slow market. Most people understand this logic on their own but there are a few that only are looking at the $$ signs.

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Great answer!

Another selling point of the iGuide system is that the VR tour can be downloaded (No additional fee or limitations) and viewed offline thus the real estate agent can offer a copy of the vr tour to the buyer of the property as a digital twin copy of their house.

This can be extremely valuable to buyer in the future as a means to protect the value of his/her house in the event of a catastrophic loss of the property via natural disaster (fire, tornado, earthquake, ect…)

When my parents had a fire several years ago that significantly damaged their home the insurance company tried to low ball them on it and what saved them was that they had several pictures that showed a lot of the custom work that had been done to the house and the insurance was required to give them a like for like value.


I had no idea you could download and view an iGuide tour offline. I need to look into that myself.

GREAT points :slight_smile:

See How to Download and Use an Offline iGUIDE : Support Desk.