Any Marketing Materials for VR?

I’m helping one of my realtors out with a show she’s doing–technology show for the school my kids attend–and I thought it would be cool as ice cream to show off the new VR capabilities. She was asking if there is anything she could use to print on a small poster or something to get people to her table. I didn’t see anything on the new (and improved) Wondering if there is anything out there.


Hi Rick,

Yes there are plenty of marketing materials created for VR.

We attached them in the announcement that was sent out via email (I will re-send you the email with all the attachments) as well as the announcement that was posted to the forum:

Separately, you may find the Powerpoints and PDF’s on the iGuide Portal > Support > Sales and Marketing Materials > Brochures & Handouts zip file

To find a quick video on how to use iGUIDE VR you may go to: iGuide Portal > support > Sales & Marketing Materials > Videos zip file > Educational Videos

Let me know if you need anything else!


Thanks so much! I need to make some time to figure out where all of these great support materials Planitar is supplying are. I’ve just been running around like crazy with no time to address much of anything…

My Pleasure!

The support section of the portal is where our most up-to-date materials are stored.

Separately, any product release announcements shared through email and the forum usually contain attachments for our operators to share with their clients.

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