Any Architects Using iGuide?

Hi everyone I’m a Uk based architect looking to purchase a Planix Pro within the next few weeks, been thinking about it for months!

Just wondered if there where any other architects / similar roles on here along with all the virtual tour guys n gals.

Looking to connect and share ideas.
working towards MCIAT

If you already have access to a 360 camera then I would suggest that you use the “free” plan from panoee to create a couple of practice 360 tours before you start diving in with iGuide.

The tours will be limited in the types of features you get with the free version and vr tours created on panoee will never have the ability to auto generate a highly precise floor plan, nor can you use it to accurately measure any two points inside the vr tour like you can with iGuide but this will allow you to practice uploading and working with a 360 virtual tour using their online tour editor.

All 360 service providers that offer an online 360 tour editor / manager will have the same basic features and once you’ve used one you can easily apply what you’ve learned to other online 360 tour editors.

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My wife is an architect and uses my services to get quick measurements and floor plan to input into CAD. We use the virtual walk through to design the nee space based on the clients wishes. Clients can be on a virtual showing as my wife explains the suggested changes. I hope this helps.

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If it was not your wife, but another architect. What would you charge them for a scan of the place that is at least 1000 sq. ft.?

This brings up an interesting point.
For the accuracy, does an IMS 5 do a better job, when it comes to measurements than the Planix Pro or is there no difference.

Richard, I used the IMS 5 on a 10,000 Sq Foot Church.
I physically measured the width of the church at 66 feet 4 inches.
I then generated a *.dxf and on the AutoCAD drawing, my measurement was within 6 mm (0.25 inches) of the actual measurement.
That’s the variation in the baseboard. I was quite stunned at the accuracy of iGuide.

I did this complete Church and the whole Choir Loft in a little over an hour.

I can’t see how an architect would not race to add this tool to his arsenal (unless he was a Chelsea fan, but that’s a whole other discussion…)
The *.dfx output is part of the standard package.



Hi everyone, thanks for the reply’s.

Thanks for that Peter, very re-assuring on the accuracy!

I’ve only practiced at home so far, hoping to do my first ‘proper’ scan soon!

Very excited to start my iGuide journey.