Any advice for customized cancer clinic tour

So I plan on doing some volunteer work for our local cancer clinic.

Photos, drone, iguide.

I’m in a somewhat unique situation as we don’t need to scan the entire clinic, They just wish to show certain areas like where the scanners are and certain procedure rooms. They also wish to show certain intersections and hotspots that the clients may find useful during their stay.

Im wondering is there is any hosting platform that lets you upload your own floorplan and then lets you add your own 360 pictures to create your own type of tour. I would normally just iguide this but the area is very spread out. I would really like to add a legend and direction lines so clients know where to go (as we all know hospitals are a maze)

I will still likely get an iguide drafted with the required 360 panos but the normal iguide tour for this will be too confusing and id rather it be a click the map type of tour.

There are 2 main types of desktop software to create your own tour to then host on your own server. 3DVista and Pano2VR
Here is a 3D vista Example

There are several cloud based systems such as
CloudPano or Kuula

There is also
Which will allow you to build and host on their platform, or if you have a Kolor license, download it and host on your own platform.

3DVista looks great but damn is that a high price point.

Id really like a software where i can upload my own floorplan (in this case a hospital fireplan)
and then use that as the navigation map.