Amazing Support!

I wanted to take moment and publically thank EVERYONE at IGuide who rushed (yes RUSHED!) to respond to a problem one of our clients was facing with their brokerage. A long-time client was told by her local brokerage (Sotheby’s) that they would not put a iGuide on the website and instructed her to use Matterport.

We spoke to Kevin, sent a brief email introducing the agent and described her problem. Within minutes there was a TEAM response. It contained overwhelming information that Sotheby’s in North America frequently relies on iGuide Technology, proving 300 samples active iGuides of your (operators) work for Sotheby’s.

We sat back and watched a lively back and forth, where the iGuide team provided overwhelming evidence to one of the largest brokers in our area about the market. It that caused them to change their position on using the iGuide in the local market. Literally, minutes to move a mountain.

Our Deepest Thanks. Without your immediate action, we would have lost our much-loved client who we have done business with for more than 6 years. She scheduled another iGuide for Wednesday!

We are truly grateful for your effort and support today.


Great story, thanks iGUIDE.