Adjusting Exposure Settings

One of the iGuide pros from the (more) southern United States asked me if we know of anyone in the network who manually adjusts the default exposure settings on the camera.

  1. When do they do it?
  2. Why do they do it?

Can any of you contribute to the conversation and help (lets call him Joe) out?

Have a great weekend,

I don’t understand the question: I do this for every pano.
Is the question related to adjusting the HDR settings for interior vs exterior, etc?

Sorry Doug, it is the pre-programmed f stops for the bracketing. Have you ever adjusted the stops?

I have made these adjustments occasionally. Generally with IMS5 I will use the preset HDR Indoor most of the time but HDR Outdoor for those times when I do an exterior measurement (decks, porches) or exterior pano (on a dock).