Adding the garage

I shot an IGude tour this morning and did not include the garage because it was a mess! The client now wants me to add the garage. I still have the data on the thumbdrive. Can I go back out and just shoot the garage and add it to the existing data? This has not happened before and I’m fairly certian it can be done with out shooting the entire property again. I just want to double check before I go back out.


C. Harris

You don’t need to shoot the entire property again.

You have two options:

  1. When you go back tomorrow, just open the existing project and add the garage just like you would have if you shot everything together.

  2. Or you can process everything you shot today in Stitch so it’s ready to go once you have the garage data. Tomorrow, create a new project in Survey and shoot the garage to it. When you get back to your computer, open that new project in your computer’s file management app (e.g. in Windows it’s File Explorer). Inside the project you’ll find folders for each floor, and inside the floor folders you’ll see numbered folders for each pano. Find the folder (or folders if you shot more than one pano for the garage) and copy that into the right floor folder in today’s shoot. Then open the project in Stitch to align and color correct after which you can export and upload like usual. It’s easier to do that it sounds.

2023-09-11 Stitch Project

Since attached garages don’t count toward billable space, I always shoot them whether they are messy or not so that the floor plan and dimensions are complete. If the garage is messy, hide that pano.

Good luck.

Thanks for the response Leroy - I figured I could, since I still have everything on the thumb drive i’ll just pic up where I left off and add it. I’ll hide the pano to show the coverage.


Just to add to this - if you have already published the iGuide you need to create a new project when you go back Do the garage and one pan iinside at the garage entrance. Then process and upload the new tar file under the request an update section of that particular iGuide. Keep in mind that there will be an extra charge for this. If you have not already submitted for processing, everything that Leroy says is correct.
Good luck.