adding realtors as editors

Does anyone have experience adding realtors as editors. What are the pros/cons? Does it make your life easier because they can make changes, or just cause more headaches?

I’m very curious about this as well.

So far I’ve hesitated to make many clients editors because I expect that could turn into ongoing requests for help, especially among the non-tech savvy clients. But I’m considering doing it for teams with staff that can spend the time to learn it.

It will be good to hear what others who have made clients editors have to say about this.

I’m giving editor status to all clients now for tagging. I would like to see a feature update that allows the realtors to make tags but not give full editor permissions. It hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge, but I’m worried that soon they’ll be swapping out my floor logo over the tripod with their own, or god only knows what once they start tinkering.

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Editors can’t replace pano images. I’ve offered as long as they jump on a Zoom with me for training. NOBODY seems to have/take the time. Not even my wife who’s an agent.

I have had an iGuide for almost 4 yrs now and I can totally appreciate your hesitation! I was right there with you. I now try to empower all my clients to have their own EDITOR STATUS! Believe me…this will become an asset to you down the road. First you need to determine who is a little more tech savvy and who is not. Try it out FIRST with clients that HAVE an admin assistant! These are the busier clients that don’t have time for this but their assistants will. It is soooo easy and sooooo worth it to schedule 20 mins with them on the phone, while you’re each at your computers walking them through the basic, critical components of the back end of the system. Room label changes, locking iguide requests, sending themselves analytics and reports, and downloading photos. It will truly SAVE YOU TIME, and it’s the perfect chance to build rapport with your clients. Try your best not to have the opinion “as if I have time for this when I’m a photographer out of the office shooting”. You’d be surprised how many are willing to be available for the one on one support at YOUR CONVENIENCE. Be supportive and advocate that team effort…you’ll win in the end every time and they will see you as a valuable partner! Good luck out there!

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I’ve allowed only one client to be an editor because they have a team with a specific person that handles the listing posts. I sent their point person one of iGuide’s how-to videos and it’s worked out well. They’re too busy to even delve into any of the other editing options other than switching off panos and measurements and embedding video. All my other clients just don’t have time.

This is an old post though I hope by replying, I can get an answer to this question.

I have a client who’s assistant is willing to do the work of tagging an iGUIDE. I see that only people with accounts on iGUIDE can be added as editors.

“Editor can create/delete/edit iGUIDE User Views and add/delete other Editors. Editor can be selected only from people who have an account on the iGUIDE Portal.”

I gather my client simply need to signe up with iGUIDE to be considered as having an account on the portal, correct?

Yeah you got, it. One of my clients really likes to get down to the gritty details of every shoot. She just made an account and goes to town, saves me a lot of time too.