Adding aerial views which someone can actually SEE!

It would be nice if we added aerial exteriors to a floor plan that the “dot” would be somewhat visible. As it is now, it’s a dark green dot on a black background and NOBODY sees it. I knew it was there and I couldn’t see it!

It would be nice if it had a background contrasting behind the word “aerial” and the dot so at least a viewer could see it!

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I always thought that something like the stairs icon for going up or down would make a good indicator by a door/window/patio door etc.
White icon with a picture of a drone.

Like this?

Well done Todd. Great way to do it.

I will only take credit for the reply. That tour is from a company based in Quebec Canada.

I’ve just started to put any drone panos on their own “floor”. When the viewer changes floors, they will see there is a floor called Drone View, encouraging them to explore it.

Also, you don’t get that silly “aerial” label on the floor plans, and the navigation dots are of no concern. They never make sense anyhow.

This is one I just did. Only had one drone shot, but you can put as many as you want.