Add Spanish translation

Right now (August 2022) only English and French are supported in the iGuide Viewer. Spanish needs to be added. Spanish is spoken by over 500 million people across the planet and is the second most used language in the United States of America.

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Great point. iGuide is based in Canada and we don’t speak Spanish here, but yes obviously iGuide is a large enough company to need that translation.

Agreed. In Canada there doesn’t seem to be a large demand for Spanish translations for the iGuide Viewer, but it seems very important for the US market – as well as other international markets.

I think you mean that it’s not an official language in Canada. But about 15% of Canadians speak Spanish, myself included. (Spanish was my first language.)

Yeah, I do a lot of work in Florida, and anywhere south of Orlando they basically act insulted that French is offered and not Spanish. If any Planitar employees are listening… you should do this for your company’s reputation because in certain markets they feel like Matterport is a better option solely because translating to Spanish is easy on their User Interface.

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