Add link to virtual tour


I think in the past I have already talked about this, but I would like to recall my question again.
I feel that here in Portugal I am losing the possibility of working with new clients as if not in the real estate market, but in commerce, for other virtual tour systems that in my view are a step ahead.
I will tell you about this tool that has been in the matterport for some time and that would be very useful for the iguide.
I leave you the link to this store and when you move inside and click on an object that is for sale, it directs the customer immediately to the specific product.

I don’t know if I made myself understood, but I would like to know if this is possible and when.

Thank you

Provavelmente estão todos a dormir e ainda não repararam no meu post.


There’s another thread here from just a few weeks ago regarding “tags” being added to the system to be able to show additional information within virtual tours. It sounds like that’s upcoming soon.