Accuracy of *.dxf (AutoCAD) drawings generated using iGuide

I have been working with an architect who is a senior project manager with one of the largest architecture firms here in Ga.

He had a question about the accuracy of our camera when we product AutoCAD drawings, so I did a quick study that is worth sharing.

The Church I did recently is a little over 66 feet (20 meters) wide.
Using a 30 foot tape measure I carefully measured from wall to wall.

When I compared the value off ACAD of 20224 mm, the actual measured value was within 6 mm. I estimated the distance to be 20218.

I would put that down as Very Impressive.

I would put the error down to:

  • Variations in the building from the point I measure to the point used on ACAD.
  • The limitations of using a 30 foot tape measure to measure a 66 foot span
  • Baseboards were almost 2 inches think and wooden, so they have natural warp and material/paint variation.

I’ll do some more study, but my initial impression is that this is something we can boast about, if we talk to architects and construction project managers.
That would be an error of 0.03%


That’s impressive! Thanks for posting your findings.

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Thank you!
I was looking for this kind of information as I am working with architects too.

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Hi Misun, I see this was a first post for you!! Welcome aboard! Great to see new iGuide users getting involved.
I do need to get back into that Church and take a few more measurements.
I was truly amazed at how accurate the 20 meter measurement was, considering its a combination of several camera views and a combination of several extensions of my tape measure.
Best wishes,

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Hi Peter, thank you.
I have done during the last 15 years a lot of measurements and I cannot wait to give a try to the iGUIDE too.
Best wishes too and Y’all stay safe!


I just received my first iGUIDE results from a test I did with my own home. I have just now completed a room by room comparison of the measurements iGUIDE produced versus what my BOSCH DLR 130 Laser Distance Measurer came up with. None of the measurements matched up, but ALL were within 3 millimeters - with iGUIDE typically on the shorter side. While I don’t know what measurements are TRUE, I’m guessing that a 3 mm accuracy is pretty damn good.

Take care all.



pretty damn good

Those are the exact words that came to mind for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a great confirmation Tom. When you consider that any wall construced on-site is going to have some amount of variation, to get within 3 mm is excellent.
I think if you were to put a straight edge along most walls, you would see that much variation in any wall that was not pre-manufactured on a rigid frame.

Ladies and Gents. I am an architect and that’s why I purchased the iGuide. It saved hours to measure my projects and also gives me the location of every existing light fixture, outlet, wall switch, etc. If I forget to measure something, I don’t have to go back to the site, I just pull up my iGuide project and measure from home. I love this technology!!


Lorenzo…Wow! Wow!! Can you share any more?
What would be good ways to catch the interest of architects?
What you said here is perfect, but anything else you could add would able be much appreciated.
So glad I bumped into my new architecture neighbor.

Another thing you can do for exterior measurements is a app called HOVER ( So between that one and iGuide, measuring by hand is eliminated. Bring these skills to any Architect and they will love it.


Thank you Lorenzo! We are reaching out to all the of architects we can identify in the Atlanta area. I just created a page on my website just for them.
I’ll update as I learn.


I’d love to hear how that goes for you, Peter. Feel free to post back here or DM if you prefer.

Thank you.

That’s great Peter. I would be interested in hearing how it all works out.

I am so new that these are my first set of emails from the iGuide Thread. I am very interested in every aspect of the iGuide but the biggest reason for purchasing is the measuring. I am breaking into the Real Estate Photography world coming from years as a contractor and also being a photographer. Thanks for throwing out there hover as I have gone and checked them out. I am reaching out as sure would welcome the opportunity to learn how you have incorporated hover into your own busines model? If you have a website that you would share I would be most appreciative as I need some direction/encouragement from those active in this technology to move down this path.

I also have no idea if this will send as its my first attempt…………lots to learn!

Paul Nelson

Hi LorenzoW,

I am working with Architects in SA, assisting with the measurements for drafting floorplans using iGuide technology. I was asked if we could assist with measurements for exterior carports, swimming pools and location of wendy houses relating to the house? Could this app (HOVER - be used to meet these requirements? Or does anyone know of something that works really well ? Would iGuide consider to develop anything in future to assist with the external measurements too? Thanks for your assistance

Hi Monique, I’m only catching up with the posts on the forum. I do think Hover could help, but accuracy is not going to be as good as interior/iGuide.
They are anxious to sell licenses. Currently the full license it $5K for a year!! That’s more than our cameras, so I didn’t invest. But they came back with a much better offer and I’m getting a weekly call, asking if I’m ready to jump on-board.
You can download the App and give it a test run.
Definitely worth exploring, if you have a paying client lined up.