About the Camera Buy and Sell category

Welcome to the Buy/Sell category, here are a few general rules and points to keep in mind:

  1. Transactions are between seller and buyer only. Planitar is not part to any transaction and will not be responsible for any issues; buyer/seller beware.

  2. All for sale cameras must have a price, location and include a camera serial number. Please specify if shipping is extra or included in the price you listed.

  3. Buyers should check our site for any blacklisted cameras. Any serial numbers that appear on that page are not serviceable - we will not accept or process any data captured by those cameras and we will not repair or maintain any part of the camera.

  4. Please change your thread title to include “SOLD” or comment at the end of the thread “Sold” once the transaction is complete.

  5. As a buyer, once you have purchased a used camera you must reach out to our Product Support Team via Support ticket here. Our Team will send you a Used Camera Agreement that must be signed. Once the signed agreement is received, our Team will send you an invitation to create an Operator account in the iGUIDE Portal.