Ability to Link Aerial 360s over your property

I’ve been including aerial 360 panos in a number of different iGuides - they are especially effective over large lots of multiple acres or any lot that deserves a view from above. My agents love them … but when it comes to integrating them with the iGuide tour the best option right now is to either stick the placement dots in the backyard on the first floor in a group OR create a new floor and call it “Aerial Views” and add all the panos there.

Now this is fine but it would be great if we had the ability to LINK them together just as we do with ground panos. I do this already with Aerials 360s over parks on Google Street View and it works great. You would then have the ability to literally fly over different areas of the property. If you treat the “Aerial Views” group as an actual floor, all you would need to jump back into the home is the STAIRS icon over the home - like all the other floors. You can also have another STAIRS icon on the ground floor or top floor indicating to jump to the aerial views.

Just a thought and probably not a huge update would be required to do this. It would take iGuides to “another level” so to speak.

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I like this idea.

I would like to be able to add 360 images from my Ricoh Theta (Matterport has this ability)