3D Floorplan

I just got a text message from my client and he asked me if i can do 3D floorplan scan? I didnt do before. Please let me know if we can do that?
Thank you

No 3d with iGuide. LiDAR only works horizontally in one line. No vertical LiDAR data is captured which you would need for a 3d scan.

This feature would be huge but there is no indication I have seen that this is even under consideration:(

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thanks. is there any way to use another app to convert the iguide floorplan to 3D floorplan

Any of the better CAD programs will let you import the floor plan data. You will then need to build the vertical aspects of the plan manually. You will need ceiling height data. Be aware that these programs have a very steep learning curve.

You could go to Upwork or similar platform to hire an expert at an hourly rate to do this for you.

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or maybe i should add Matterport camera for special clients

Quite obviously the technology exists. I’ve had this discussion with my son who is in the video game industry. He can take a 3D Scan from my iPhone 13 and open it in a point-cloud based video game development platform and have somebody walking around in minutes. The visuals are a bit glitchy, and the controls would not be intuitive for most home-buyers.

With infinite bandwidth, infinite storage and massive data speeds, a lot can be done, and likely will in the future. At this point, iGUIDE has a manageable and attractive presentation of properties. Two years ago there was one iGUIDE operator in Nanaimo (city of 100,000) Now there are at least four. I’m grateful that new ones have come along because a rising tide floats all boats. Consumers are recognizing the iGUIDE platform and appreciating the transparency it offers to home shopping. I fully assume Planitar is keeping an eye on the future, but let’s appreciate what we have, and market it (and exploit it) to the fullest before we start discussing the limitations of current technology with agents who have seen something cool on Youtube that’s not yet practical.

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My experience has been to put iGUIDE’s benefits forward, and don’t look back. My Planitar bill for last month was over $5,000 CAD, because I’ve cemented iGUIDE as the best option in my market. Remember, McDonalds tried promoting Pizza. I liked it, but they’ve been more profitable sticking to hamburgers.


Would this be the sort of thing you’re looking for?