360's sometimes getting a line where the image joins

Does anyone else sometimes get this line in their images? It will show up in evenly lit rooms as well. Not just by a window.

That looks like a screenshot from Stitch. What Stitch shows is a preview image, but not a final exported image. If it is present in the exported image, please open a ticket.

If it appears only when 2-shot mode used, it is possible that when walking around the camera, your body blocks light from windows or lamps differently on each side, but even in that case, there should be no sharp boundary in the final image, though it is possible to see it in Stitch preview.

Hi Alex,
Thanks for your reply!

It’s always present in the exported image. It’s been like that since I got the planix. Here’s a recent iGuide I did on Sunday.

Please open a ticket and provide details about how the image was taken, i.e. which HDR mode was used, etc.