2017 NAR Report

I found the 2017 NAR Report this afternoon. The section I was most interested in comparing against last years report is the “Value of Website Features” portion. This year NAR has made the chart less useful by only including responses rated “very useful” instead of sharing response rates for other categories, like last year (which also included Somewhat Useful and Not Useful, as examples).
Link to the report:

The chart I am referring to is on page 60.
In both reports 55% of responders rank floor plans as “very useful”.

Thank you Doug.
This is the Generational Report. NAR has a few different reports they publish based on the research they collect through their annual study. Each are fascinating reads.
The most comprehensive one is the “Profile of Buyers & Sellers Report” which is a bit trickier to find. If you find the complete version, let me know, as will I. Now that I know it is out, I will go looking.

Hmm, now it’s behind a paywall?

Hi Doug,
I just purchased a copy of the 2017 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers Report
If anyone wishes to borrow our electronic copy, send me a note and I will share it with you.

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I would like to review it!

Excellent information!

I also found it online: