2016 N A R Sellers & Buyers Report


This buyers and sellers report has formed the foundation of how we started in the real estate business. Every year I await its arrival like it were Christmas morning and today it is here.

Someone has out it online for free, I encourage you to grab it quick (FOR FREE), before the link gets taken down.
Chapter 3 - Home Buyers
Chapter 6 - Home Sellers
… are all about us and the service we provide.


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Good info.

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Has anyone been able to download the report?
Has anyone read or looked at the report?

I just downloaded it from here https://www.slideshare.net/JerryCharlton/2016-profile-of-home-buyers-sellers and I’m having my first look at it. Jerry Charlton who posted it, is a Calgary Realtor…no relation :slight_smile:

When it says the percentage that used the internet to find their home it would be interesting to see if most of those are just the MLS site or if they went Realtor’s websites or some other third party site.

Alex are you suggesting a 3D tour would be classified as video? Or are we (and Matterport, etc.) getting lumped in with slideshow style virtual tours?

No, that was to illustrate how video is ranked among homebuyers - they care very little about it.

I read that as 60% of buyers see video as useful, not that they care very little about it.
On the other hand, our clients (agents) value video as a marketing tool. I have some in particular who use it religiously on all their social media channels.
Are there any studies on buyer feedback/value on 3D tours?

Hi Doug,
I highlight this study result to highlight how much buyers value virtual tours, not to put down video.
There is a place for both however many agents have told me that video is more important to buyers when this study process otherwise.
Video certainly had a place, which is why we made room for it in the iGuide.
We may be in a category with the old school virtual tours however with the new emerging technologies last year, like iGuide I believe buyers are considering this as the new virtual tour.

Well a few thoughts…

Most people still don’t know anything about 3d tours but EVERYONE knows about video. So it’s not really a fair comparison at the moment.

Video is still vital for a lot of things, not the least of which is SEO ranking. Google values video very highly. This is how I sell video to some people. When they’re not sure if they should do it as well as the iGuide, I explain that to them and, more often than not, they’ll go with the video as well.

At the end of the day, from our perspective (as the people providing the services), it doesn’t really matter what the buyers want (in the short-term) as they aren’t the ones ordering our services. If realtors buy iGuides/videos/etc from me, I’m happy. Now, in the long-term, if the buyers are actually asking for certain things, then yeah, it matters. But that seems to happen rarely–the buyer asking for a specific service.

Going back to the original post, its goal was to provide statistical data collected by NAR that demonstrates buyers’ and sellers’ preferences and show how high floor plans and virtual tours rank among other categories. We are providing these supporting stats to be used in marketing iGuides to agents. Planitar has a self-serving interest in promoting increasing iGuide adoption and has definitive targets for adoption rates in various territories.